Olympic sports park-  Gym, soccer, golf, tennis and more

Olympic sports park- Gym, soccer, golf, tennis and more


The Olympic sports park is a summer training centre with a variety activities and facilities available.

There are 2 full grass soccer fields, And a mini field.
There is a 2.1km roller ski training course around the main fields, also used for inline skating.
The administration building under the main fields has a fully equipped gym- with free-weights and machines.
There is a 5km cross-country course around the facility that can be used for mountain bike competitions, and trail running.
 There is a golf driving range located between the main grounds and the Minambara grounds.

Usage fees

Soccer fields : For exclusive use (1 side)Half day 10,000 yen / one day 20,000 yen
Soccer fields : Individual use300 yen per person per day
Mini field : For exclusive use (1 side)Half day 3,000 yen / one day 5,000 yen
Mini field : Individual use300 yen per person per day
Roller ski course300 yen per person per day
Gym100 yen per person per day
Driving range50 balls 1 coin (500 yen)
Minambara grounds : Exclusive useHalf day 2,000 yen / 1 day 4,000 yen Summer
Minambara grounds : Individual use1 day 80 yen
Tennis courts1 hour 1,600 yen
2 hours 3,000 yen
Morning (8: 30-12: 00) 5,000 yen
Afternoon (13: 00-17: 00) 5,000 yen
Night (17: 00-21: 00) 5,000 yen
Night lighting usage fee 500 yen per hour

Business period

Soccer fields8: 30-17: 00, Mid-June to early October
Training room8: 30-17: 00. June to Mid-November
Roller ski8: 30-17: 00 Late May – to early November
Driving rangeEarly May to Mid-November 8: 30-21: 00
Minambara8: 30-17: 00 or 6: 00-18: 00 by appointment. Late May to Mid-October
Tennis court8: 30-21:00. Early May to Mid-November

Reservation and Inquiries

Olympic sports park administration building TEL 0269-85-4868

Olympic sports park facility guide map

Uenotaira highlands beech forest cross country running course

The cross-country course is situated on the Uenotaira plateau at 1300m elevation. It over-looks the Hokushin 5 peaks and is a great high altitude training course, with a much cooler climate than the humid lowlands during summer.