『IMPORTANT Notice』For customers coming with their pet🐕‍🦺

『IMPORTANT Notice』For customers coming with their pet🐕‍🦺

POST: 2022.09.05

Recently, there has been many incidents where customers do not clean after their pet and some pet waste has been found in different areas of the resort like parking lot or ski slopes.
Unfortunately, if this situation continues, we will have to take measures and eventually refuse access to the resort for pets.
In order to keep enjoying a ski resort where you can have fun with your furry friends, every owner cooperation is essential !
To do so, please check once again the rules below and, strictly follow basic etiquette such as the disposal of your pet defecation …etc

As some people around you may be allergic or afraid of animals, we kindly ask you to be considerate of them and always keep your furry loved ones on a leash or inside a carrier.
Cleaning after your pet is mandatory no matter where you are located in the resort.
Regarding the use of each facility, please refer to the explanation below.

About gondola boarding

  • Only the Nagasaka Gondola Lift allows pets to board. Please purchase your ticket before borading.
  • The pet ticket is not an IC ticket, so please kindly hand it over to the staff at the gondola boarding platform.
  • Always put your pet on a leash or in a carrier when riding the gondola.
  • Do not put your pet on the seats.
  • Please avoids crowds as mush as possible when using the gondola.

※ Please, be aware and careful that the Hikage gondola and all chairlift within the resort are not accessible to pet.

About skiing/snowboarding together

  • Please, be sure to use a leash or a carrier while using the slopes (by skiing/snowborading or snowshoeeing).
  • Do not let your leash extend too much as it could be dangerous for other users.
  • Please ride on the side of each course. Do not go in the middle as it could be dangerous for other users. Please give priority to other customers on narrow slopes like Rinkan Course to avoid accident.
  • Please stay on green slopes where it’s easy for you pet to run with you. Steep course like Schneider can be very stressfull and dangerous for them.

About restaurant

Only a limited number of restaurant allow pets in the resort.
Advanced reservation may be required in some cases. Please contact each restaurant directly for further details.
※ Please, be also aware that some restaurants will close at the end of the season in March.

  • Uenotaira Area
    • 『Uenotaira Lodge』TEL : 0269-85-2603 (outside seats only)
  • Paradise Area
    • 『Panorama House Buna』TEL : 0269-85-3894 (outside seats only)
    • 『Popeyes』TEL : 090-6176-5005 (advance booking unavailable)
  • Hikage Area
    • 『Mitsui Shokudo』TEL : 0269-85-2997
    • 『Sun Yamaki』TEL : 0269-85-2800
    • 『Snow Base Shichirohei Coffee Hikage shop』TEL : 0269-85-2519
  • Nagasaka Area
    • 『Café Step』TEL : 0120-640112
    • 『New Corazon Gentarou Ya』TEL : 0269-85-2256 (advance inquiry needed)


  • Pets cannot ride the Village Shuttle Bus.
  • Pets are not allowed inside the Nagasaka Center House but are welcome on the third floor in the open outside open space (information desk area)