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Ski resort info

Ski resort info

Ski resort map and recommended courses.

Yamabiko slopes, 800m - 1300m:

Yamabiko slopes

Nozawa Onsen ski resorts's mountaintop area. Yamabiko ski area consists of five courses, from A to E courses, and offers expansive views and wide open spaces in contrast to the narrow streets of the hot spring village below. Depending on snow conditions, this area can run until early May. On a clear day, you can see the Sea of Japan from the summit. This area is serviced by a covered quad lift to the top of A course at the summit, and an open quad lift to the top of D and E courses slightly lower down.

Intermediate - Advanced.Altitude: 1,366m - 1,650m.

Skyline course, 4,500m:

Skyline course

Skyline was recently expanded, adding an entrance from E course which means you can now ski directly from the top of Yamabiko back to the village. This course is for advanced skiers, with a total length of 4,500 m from the top of Mt. Kokenashi. The course width over the first of 300m is very narrow, so be conscious of your speed around other skiers. There are several ungroomed courses branching off skyline towards the bottom: Grandprix, Jumping, Hachiman and Mukobayashi. This course is serviced by the pair lift next to the top gondola station.

Intermediate - Advanced.Altitude: 565m - 1,450m.

Uenotaira slope, 2000m:

Uenotaira slope

The Uenotaira course extends across the plateau in the middle of Mt. Kenashi and can be accessed from both Nagasaka and Hikage Gondolas. The high altitude means excellent snow quality from early to late season. The wide and gentle slopes are perfect for beginners and families. There is a half-pipe at the end of the course on the left and the snow park runs down most of the right-hand side. A high speed covered quad lift services this course.

Beginner - Advanced.Altitude: 1,220m - 1,410m.

Paradise Slope, 1200m:

Paradise Slope

By far the largest open area on the mountain, Paradise slope is another excellent beginner area, with great views across the valley toward Mt Myoko. There is an open quad lift on the left-hand side of the course and restaurants down the right side making it a perfect family course.

Beginner.Altitude: 1,075m - 1,230m.

Schneider course, 1500m:

Schneider course

An expert level course for advanced skiers. Schneider is a ridge run that connects the Paradise Slope with the Hikage Ski area in the valley. Maximum incline of 32 degrees. The first half in generally groomed, whereas the lower half is a steep ungroomed area. Both Challenge and Utopia courses branch off from the right-hand side.

Advanced.Altitude: 700m-1075m

Challenge 39° wall: 300m.

Challenge wall

An excellent steep, open face for powder runs. Challenge 39° is the steepest course in Nozawa Onsen. It is accessed from the top of Schneider course and runs into the main Challenge course.

Advanced.Altitude: 900m-1,070m.

Challenge course, 1200m:

Challenge course

Challenge course features a variety of terrain; Narrow at the entrance from Schneider, wide and flat in the centre before turning steeply to the left heading toward Utopia B course and the Forest trail. The Challenge pair lift generally runs on weekends and over holiday periods.

Intermediate- Advanced.Altitude: 735m-1075m.

Forest trail, 5000m:

Forest trail

The Forest trail is a beginner course that connects Paradise slope with the Hikage ski area. It is 5km long and a great way to get home for beginners but please note it is narrow in most parts (7-10meters). There is a short-cut course toward the bottom so be careful not to get separated from your family or group.

Beginner - Intermediate .Altitude:660m- 1075m.

Utopia Ski Area, 750 m:

Utopia Ski Area

The Utopia area consists of Utopia A and B courses. Utopia A branches off Schneider course to the right and drops down steeply toward the Utopia pair lift top station. It features a mogul field in the centre and ungroomed sections on either side.
Utopia B is slightly less steep and runs from the flat section at the bottom of A, back toward the Utopia bottom lift station and the Hikage ski area.

Advanced.Altitude:675m- 900m.

Hikage Slopes, 600m:

Hikage Slopes

The heart of the old Nozawa Onsen ski resort, Hikage area is easily accessed from the village by the "Yu Road" travellator, or from the Nagasaka area via free shuttle service.Hikage area is where you will find the main ski school, ticket offices, day care centre, several restaurants and the kids park.
The main slope is serviced by the Hikage quad lift to the top of the beginner course and a triple lift which gives access to the mogul field, steep ungroomed section, and the home-trail back to the Nagasaka gondola.

Beginner –Advanced.Altitude:660m- 790m.

Karasawa slope, 3000m:

Karasawa Slope

Karasawa is a long gentle beginner course in the bottom valley of the Nozawa ski area. Very wide in most places and an average incline of only 8degrees make it an ideal learner area.
It is located right next to Carpark 2, has a lift ticket office, shuttle bus stop, and access lift that connects to the Nagasaka ski area. The very top of the run itself can be accessed via skyline course It is serviced by an open pair lift.

Beginner.Altitude:565m- 970m.

Uenotaira Snow Park, 2000m:

Uenotaira Snow Park

The snow park runs along the right side of the Uenotaira course.Equipment varies but includes rails, boxes and barrels. Features include wave run, small kickers, 2 large kickers, and a well-maintained halfpipe.
The run is serviced by the Uenotaira covered quad lift, and there are toilets and restaurants at both the top and bottom of the course.

Beginner-Advanced.Altitude:1,220m- 1,410m.