Snow park

Snow park

Ⓘ Notice from the Snow Park :

🌟 The 2022-2023 Season is finished 🌟

The Uenotaira Snow Park is 2 km long and has a variety of features and equipment to suit all levels : from beginners to more advanced riders, including kickers, boxes, rails, half pipes.

Uenotaira Snow Park

Elevation1 220 m ~ 1 410 m
Course length2 000 m
Opening PeriodFrom mid December to May 7th (schedule)
※ May change depending on snowfall and slope conditions

Snowboarders and free skiers are gathering at the 『Uenotaira Snow Park』located alongside the Uenotaira slope. In the 2 km long snow park, you can find equipment such as kickers, boxes, rails, half pipe, waves … etc, which comes in many sizes and levels. Available from 1st timers to more advanced users ! You do not need to worry about the condition of the park as our professional diggers (park manager) will always maintain every items within it so that you can enjoy riding in the best conditions. Accessibility is also very easy : you can either come by with the Nagaska Gondola or Hikage Gondola lift. And onces on the slope, you can go back to the entrance thanks to the Uenotaira Four lift. And maybe if you’re lucky, you can get the chance to meet a famous professional snowboarder or skier ?!

※Please note that equipment may change suddendly due to heavy snowfall, weather or a poor visibility.

The Half Pipe

The half pipe is located at the bottom of Uenotaira slope, on the left side. The pipe is open from late December till the end of march depending on snowfall and slope conditions.

LengthSTART~GORL 110m

Park Equipments

Small Kicker

Small Kicker

Medium Kicker.

Medium Kicker

Big Kicker

Big Kicker

6 metre Box

6 m Box

8 metre Flat-down box.

8 m Flat-down box

Drum jumps

Drum jumps

Wave courses

Wave courses

Wave courses

Wave courses

Haruyama park

Spring Park

Snow Park rules and etiquette

✓ I choose an equipment that suits my level

Within the park, you will find a variety of equipement. According to your level, you can move throught the park from easy to difficult items . If you challenge yourself from the beginning with an equipment that does not suit your level, then the risk of an injury is increasing as well. So we kindly ask you to check the item you want to ride first and start progressively from small ones to bigger ones !

✓ Safety Check

The landing area at the jumpers (Kickers) and the ondulations of the slope make the visibility poor. This is why, if you do not know the state of the ahead equipment landing, it is important that you make sure there are no one in it. It is especially important before entering the kicker : make sure that the person who jumped first has left the landing area before engaging yourself.

✓ Absolutely DO NOT stop or stand before or after equipments

The landing zone under items is the MOST dangerous spot in the park ! People will jump and fly one after another, so be sure not to stand in those area. In the event of a fall without injury, leave immediately the landing zone. If you get injured and can’t move, ask for help righ away and have someone settle a Ski / Object / Board at the entrance of the equipment in order to keep other users out of the area. If you want to stay as spectator, take a certain distance from it and enjoy from a safe place. If you wish to ride down without using any items, try to avoid as much as possible those 2 places (starter zone and landing zone). As this is not a normal run slope, it is dangerous to just ski/snowboard on it and we do not recommend it.

✓ Do not sneak from the side into equipment : snake cut-in is forbidden !

This is the worst thing you can do in the park to other users ! When someone is sliding down to enter an item, it’s called a “snake cut-in” from the side to enter it as well. It can be unintentionally without you realizing it, so make sure to check your surroundings before entering an equipment. Of course, it is WORSE if done intentionally !!

✓ It is forbidden to destroy or damage park equipment

Equipment are maintained and managed by specialized professionnal (Diggers) according to snow quality and weather. Scraping or breaking items in the park without permission is strictly dangerous and prohibited. Only Diggers are allowed to alter any equipment so if you need information or help regarding it ask for the Digger’s help.

✓ Mutual help

In the event that you encounter a scene such as someone injured, immediately call for help : Patrol or Diggers. If the injured person is in a dangerous place like the kicker’s lanndinz area, please immediately close the equipment by putting up a flag or ski/snowboard at the entrance to prevent other users to enter.

What do you mean by “an equipment that suit my level” ?

Every item in the Snow Park is placed to suit an appropriate entry speed. First of all, ensure that you have the proper speed, a stable posture and can control both for the jump or equipment you will attempt. ‘Wiping-off’ too much speed can result in crashes at the top of kickers/ jumps. Once committed to a jump complete it. Do not stop on the ramp. Also be aware of possible ‘overshoot’: having too much speed means you can fly over the landing zone and land on a flat zone which could lead to a high injury potential.

When having fun with the Kickers/Jumps : here is a one point advise !

The most famous and loved item in the Park are the Kickers. On this particular item, your speed on entering and the control of it is mandatory to success in jumping. Adjust your speed according to the snow quality, the weather on that day and the shape of the item you are planning to ride. If you are not sure about how much speed is necessary, observe other user’s speed and flight distance, before giving it a try.

✓ Table Fall

When you don’t have enough speed, you will fall between the kick and the landing zone called the『Table』, hence the name ‘Table Fall’. Of course, a small jumping item will have a lesser impact or injury whereas a larger jumping equipment will create a bigger one ! As long as you can reach the landing zone, even a smaller kicker will provide loads of emotions. So let’s all speed up and reach the landing zone !!

✓ Flat Fall

This is the number one of all that you want to avoid ! This fall is when you have too much speed and end up flying over the landing area. The shock is devastating ! Let’s drop our speed in order to make sure we land in the landing zone.

✓ Deco Drop

Compared to the previous falls, this one might seems less dangerous. It is when you fall between the table zone and the parts that looks like a deco at the transition of the landing zone. The impact will not be very great but if you manage to land in the right area (landing zone) you will arrive more smoothly. In that case, let’s just speed up a little bit !

A final message from the Snow Park Crew : The Diggers

Thank you for using the Nozawa Onsen Snow Park. We know that it’s natural for everyone, when you start for the first time, to fall a lot and not be great from the beginning. But practice is what will make you improve and be good. The only thing we can tell you is that 『not getting injured is the best shortcut to progress』🌟 Enjoy your time in the snow park without overdoing it ! When soaking away your fatigue in the hotsprings in the village, I hope you can remember with a smile the time you spent in the park. In any case, we hope you will enjoy your time ! And if you have any questions or concerns feel free to call for us🌞