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IC lift tickets

IC lift tickets

About IC lift tickets

Nozawa Onsen Ski Resort re-introduced IC card type lift tickets and auto gates from the 2019-20 season. The IC lift tickets can be used over multiple days and can be scanned from inside your ski wear- there is no need to show the ticket to resort staff at the gates.

See below for how to use IC tickets, types, online purchase methods, and more.

Some IC ticket types require a deposit when purchasing. Deposit is refunded if the card is returned.

How to use IC tickets

  • The New gates are non-touch type gates; you can keep your IC ticket in your pocket as you pass through the gates.
  • Please ensure to keep your IC ticket in a pocket on your left side.
  • Do not touch the gate. As the bar lowers, move straight through.
  • Preschool aged children do not require a ticket but must pass through the gate with an accompanying adult.
  • Please keep IC tickets separated – Including used IC tickets.
  • Do not keep IC tickets with wallets, mobile phones, cigarettes, etc. (The IC ticket may not be read due to interference with aluminum foil, metal such as coins, and  credit cards, etc.).
  • If the gate does not open, please contact the lift staff near you.

IC ticket types

The following IC tickets do not require a deposit at purchase

  • 1 day to 3 day tickets
  • 4 hour tickets
  • One time gondola tickets
  • Night tickets

*Tickets purchased in one order must be redeemed in one go. e.g. If you buy 5 tickets, you must redeem all 5 at one go and you CANNOT redeem 2 tickets on Saturday and 3 tickets on Sunday.
*These ticket types cannot be reissued, exchanged for cash or refunded.  
* If you keep this ticket it can be used it for your next online purchase.
If you do not need your used ticket, please return it to the lift ticket window or return box.

The following IC tickets require a deposit at purchase

  • Season tickets
  • Purchases of one-time tickets (point tickets)
  • Partially free tickets
  • Regular customers may also purchase this ticket type if they plan to purchase tickets online multiple times.

In addition to the ticket price, 500 yen is required as a deposit when you purchase these tickets, which will be refunded at the ticket center when the ticket is returned.

Please return all season tickets, coupon tickets, etc. after use.

Refunds will only be issued for tickets purchased in the current season.

If this ticket is damaged or lost, it cannot be refunded.

The easiest way to purchase tickets


Tickets can be pre-purchased online, saving you time when you get to the resort.

Upon purchase you will receive a QR code that can be scanned at the ticket office to receive your lift tickets. No need for cash or cards at the counter.


Once you have a ticket there is no requirement to go back to the ticket office. You can simply re-validate your ticket online multiple times. No need to wait in lift ticket lines on busy days- head straight to the slopes.

*Notes on Web purchase*

If you make an online purchase to an existing IC ticket all unused hours/ days/ points will be over-written. Please ensure to use all time before recharging!
Online purchase steps.

Online purchase steps

First time customers


Click “Buy Lift Ticket” and select tickets you wish to purchase after agreeing to the Terms of UseMake a credit card payment after agreeing to the Terms and Conditions. (Link below).


A QR code will be issued and sent to e-mail you provided in the purchase page when the purchase procedure is completed. Be sure to bring your mobile phone with you as you will need the QR code when redeeming the lift ticket.  It is recommended to take a screen shot. If you purchased from a PC, please print the QR code and bring it to the lift ticket window.


Lift tickets can be picked up by presenting the QR code at the ski ticket center.
Tickets purchased in one order must be redeemed in one go. e.g. If you buy 5 tickets, you must redeem all 5 at one go and you CANNOT redeem 2 tickets on Saturday and 3 tickets on Sunday.

Customers who already have an IC ticket for the Nozawa Onsen ski resort (including those using time tickets or points tickets, and currently in the resort area)


Click on the  appropriate link below. Enter card details, agree to the terms of service and enter the serial number shown on your current IC lift ticket.

Once the charge is complete, you can head directly to the gates.

*It may take up to 15 minutes for the purchase information to be reflected at the IC gate.

Click here for online ticket purchases


Q What is the deposit for IC tickets?

A. A refundable 500yen deposit is taken when purchasing certain ticket types. The deposit is refunded when the IC card is returned, but only during the season of purchase. 

No refunds will be given for lost or damaged tickets.

Q Can I cancel my tickets after purchase?

A No. Tickets may not be refunded, canceled or changed after purchase. Please choose carefully.

Q How can I pay?

A If you purchase from a lift ticket counter, you can use cash, credit card and some pre-paid travel cards. When purchasing online, you can only pay by credit card.

Bank transfers and convenience store payments are not possible.

Q What kind of credit card can I use?

A VISA/MasterCard can be used.

Q Can I use any surplus point tickets?

A You can use surplus point tickets anytime during the season of purchase.

Q Is it possible to make a purchase from a smartphone?

A Yes it is possible. Purchases can also be made from a PC or tablet.
The software is not compatible with feature phones.

Q Can I take the IC ticket home?

A Yes you can. Your IC ticket can be re-used if you make a ticket purchase online for your next trip. Please not that first-time online purchasers will need to collect the ticket from the lift ticket office before heading to the gates.

Q What is the difference between “receive QR code” and “charge an IC ticket”?

A For online ticket purchases, 1st time ticket buyers need to  receive a QR code to redeem their IC card at the ticket office. 
If you already have an IC card you can simply re-charge it online, using the serial number on the card. No need to go to the ticket office.

Q For online purchases, can I purchase multiple tickets for my friends?

A Yes, it is possible. A QR code will be sent to the purchaser for first time tickets.  However, tickets purchased in one order must be redeemed in one go. e.g. If you buy 5 tickets, you must redeem all 5 at one go and you CANNOT redeem 2 tickets on Saturday and 3 tickets on Sunday.
If you are recharging multiple cards you will need all serial numbers for the tickets you wish to re-charge.

Q After buying a season pass do I need to go to the ticket office at any time?

A No. If you purchase a season ticket at the counter and have received your IC card you do not need to go back to the counter at all.

If you have purchased online, you only need to go to the ticket counter at the Nagasaka Gondola station on your first day to redeem your QR code for your season ticket. After that there is no need to go to the office.

Q My lift ticket is not working. What should I do?

A If your IC card is not working at the gate please ensure that it is not being interfered with by a mobile phone, coins or any other IC cards like credit cards. Transfer your lift ticket to a separate pocket.
If it still does not work please return to the lift ticket office.

Q Do I have to show my lift ticket every time?

A No. You can pass through the gates without showing your ticket. Please not that season pass inspections are occasionally carried out at the gates.