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Season ticket

Season ticket

Information about last season.

Season tickets and the BIG 2 pass

2021−2022 Season Pass


Ticket typeAdultChildSenior
Full season pass68,000yen38,000yen55,000yen
Late season pass- from March 1st.37,000yen21,000yen30,000yen
※This price include the deposit. (500yen) ※Deposit (500yen) will be return when the ticket be return.
Benefits for season pass holders:

(1) Free parking at Cark park 1.
(2) 100yen discount at SPARENA.
(3) 60yen discount at the Nozawa Onsen Ski museum.
(4) Discounts and deals at participating accommodation, restaurants and gift shops.
(5) Valid for night skiing.
(6) 1000yen discount when buying lift tickets at other participating Kitashinshu area resorts- Togari Onsen, Madarao Kogen, and Kijimadaira.

Available for purchase

Season tickets: From the 31st of October.
*Available for use from the 1st day of operation in November, until close of lifts in May. (Dates vary depending on snow conditions).

Late season pass: From the 1st February.
*Available for use from the 1st of March until close of lifts in May (close date may vary based on snow conditions).
* Some lifts do not operate on regular weekdays. (Utopia pair, Yunomine pair, Mizunashi triple, etc.)

How to apply

Using registered mail

Please send the application form, One passport sized photo, and cash amount in special registered envelope.

Payment via bank transfer
Please deposit to

Nagano Agricultural Cooperative bank.
Branch name: Nozawa Onsen Branch 
Account number: 6174558 
Account name: Nozawa Onsen Co., Ltd. 

普 通:6174558
口座名:株式会社 野沢温泉)

Please be sure to add your name to the transfer information.
Please be sure to mail in the completed application form and a passport type photo.
(Photo dimensions must be: Width 3cm x Height 4cm , and your face must be clearly visible).

Mail to

Nozawa Onsen Sales Division Season Ticket Section
7653 Toyosato, Nozawa Onsen Village, 
Shimotakai District, Nagano Prefecture 389-2502 
TEL: 0269-34-2588

Shiga Kogen & Nozawa Onsen Combined Season Ticket “BIG 2 Pass”

※Information about last season

Big 2 Pass- Combined season ticket for the Nozawa Onsen and Shika kogen resort areas

SalesOct 7 – Jan 16
Usage duration2020 open – May 5, 2021
AvailableOnly 1,000 passes
How to purchaseNow ready.
 BIG2 PASS Application Form
* Purchaser benefits differ between BIG2 PASS and Nozawa Onsen Ski Resort individual season tickets.
  • 10% discount from the summer lift fees. (Not including Nozawa Onsen sports park entry fee).
  • 10% discount off Shiga Kogen and Nozawa Onsen ski school fees.
  • Early morning or Night skiing is not included in the pass fee.
  • There are no parking discounts.
  • Those who apply by the 27th of October will be entered into the lottery to receive 1 of 30 Nozawa Onsen and Shika Kogen specialty product gift packs.

Purchase Period

Scheduled for early October.

Usage period

From the 1st day of operation until last day of season- Late November until May 6th.
Period of operation may vary depending on snow conditions.

* Some lifts do not operate on regular weekdays. (Utopia pair, Yunomine pair, Mizunashi triple, etc.)

How to apply

* Cash on delivery mail will be used. Japan only.

Please complete the application form, including one small face photo (Dimensions: 24W x 30H mm) and post to

Nozawa Onsen Co., Ltd. 
7653 Toyosato, Nozawa Onsen Village, 
Shimotakai District, Nagano Prefecture 389-2502
TEL: 0269-85-3166


Shiga Kogen Cableway Association 
7148 Hirao, Yamanouchi-machi, 
Shimotakai-gun, Nagano 381-0401
TEL: 0269-34-2588