Family slopes

Family slopes

Whether you are introducing a child to the snow for the very first time or an adult looking for a new adventure in skiing, Nozawa Onsen ski resort has the perfect area to get you started.

Uenotaira and Paradise slopes

Both Uenotaira and Paradise courses are gentle and wide, with average temperatures always much lower than the valley beginner courses, so snow quality is excellent.
Both courses are serviced by detachable 4 seater lifts with safety bars. Toilets and restaurants are easily located from both courses. A perfect area for family skiing!

At the end of your day you can choose to either head back to the village via the Forest trail (a gentle beginner course) or down-load on the Hikage or Nagasaka gondolas.

The lower slopes.

The lower slopes in Nozawa Onsen are wide and gentle with quick and easy access from the village. A short walk from most accommodation and close to hire shops; Perfect for getting the kids on the snow.

The lower slopes are made up of those in the Karasawa, Nagasaka and Hikage areas.

Of the three areas, Karasawa is the lowest, next to carpark 2. There is a Ticket office, toilets and shuttle bus stop. The main slope is serviced by the Karasawa pair lift. And the Nagasaka contact chair lift gives you easy access to the Nagasaka gondola, in the next valley.

Nagasaka is in the middle of the three areas, it is centred on the Nagasaka Gondola station and next to Carpark 1. Here you can find Rental shops, cafes, bars and restaurants. Also, ticket offices, toilets, and the last stop on the free shuttle bus circuit from the village centre.

The main slope is serviced by the Nagasaka quad lift. The Nagasaka triple lift allows quick access to the Hikage area in the top valley, and there is a gentle home trail that will take you past carpark 1 and Sparena to the Karasawa area.

The Hikage area is higher up with access via the “Yu road” travellator, the shinyu pair lift, or snow mobile shuttle from Nagasaka area (all free).

Here you will find the main ski centre with ticket office, day-care centre, kids park, magic carpets, several restaurants and  the Hikage gondola station. There is a quad lift servicing the main beginner section of the slopes and a triple lift giving access to one of the home-trails to the Nagasaka area.

Nozawa Onsen Kids park

A safe but exiting kids play area, with everything the little ones need. Here you will find sled and tubing courses, jumping castles and Magic carpets for first time skiers and boarders.

The kids park is easily accessible from the village via the “Yu Road” or the snow mobile shuttle from the Nagasaka area. 
The Kids park is in front of the Hikage area restaurants so you can watch the kids play from the terraces, while you enjoy a coffee. It is also adjacent to the day care center, ticket office, toilets and the kids group lesson starting points.

The kids park operates every day 9am -4pm, from the middle of December till the end of March depending on snow conditions.

Junior ski and snowboard lessons

There are Kids ski lessons held every day at the Hikage ski school for children from 3 years old to the 6th grade. 
Snowboard lessons are run for primary school children from 1st to the 6th grade.

Lessons are broken up according to skill level. Absolute beginners stay near the kids park at the magic carpet and more capable skiers are taken out into the resort to learn. Parents meet children back at the kids park at the end of lessons.