Stamp trail

Stamp trail

In Nozawa Onsen you can feel the history and culture from Ancient times. The Nozawa Onsen stamp trail highlights many of the famous places and historic sites in Nozawa. There are 27 stamps or commemorative plaques placed around the village and you will get a feel for the history of Nozawa onsen while you try to find them all. Pick up a stamp book from the Tourist information centre and start your adventure around the village with your book in hand. Take a rubbing from the plaques using the small wooden pestle attached to the stands. You start by laying the 2 sheets (one yellow, one white) on top of the plaque that matches the page number, and rubbing until the impression appears.

If you find more than 10 you will receive a Nozawa Onsen “yu” towel- with the famous “yu” design by Artist Taro Okamoto. Take it home as a keepsake from Nozawa Onsen.
Be sure to drop into the many small coffee shops, souvenir outlets and craft shops as you make your way around the village.

There are 27 interest point where stamps are located.

■ Oyu ■ Takinoyu ■ Asagama no Yu ■ Shinyu ■ Kamiterayu ■ Kuma no Teraiyu ■ Yokochi no Yu ■ Kawaharayu ■ Shinden no Yu ■ Nakao no Yu ■ Akiha no Yu ■ Matsuba no Yu ■ Juodou no Yu ■ Onsen Yakushido ■ Kenmei-ji Temple ■ Yuzawa Shrine ■ Ogama cooking spring.■ “Oborotsukiya” monument at the Furusato-no-Yu entrance. ■ Monument of the origin of Nozawa-na at Kenmei-ji Temple ■ Dosojin Festival monument in front of Minshuku Yuzawa. ■ Dosojin in front of Sakakiya Ryokan. ■ Oboro Tsukiyo no Yakata ■ Nozawa Onsen Kouta Memorial at Ogama■ Furusato no Yu ■ Nozawa Onsen Sparena ■ Schneider Square.


The Stamp trail book is available to buy from the Nozawa Onsen Tourist Information Center and some souvenir shops throughout the village.

Price: 420 yen (excluding tax)
The stamp trail explanation: