Training facilities

Training facilities

Ski Competition – Training Center

Nozawa onsen ski area was designated as an official ski training center by the Ski Association of Japan, in 1970.
Training facilities include the Kandahar Alpine courses, Ski Jumps, and the Nagano Olympic biathlon venue used as a cross country training course.
The village is perfectly equipped to host training courses, with fast and easy access to the mountain from the village, a variety of accommodation types to host large training groups and 13 free onsen throughout the village and SPArena Onen to assist with recovery, and relaxation after a hard training or competion day !

About Kandahar course

Kandahar course is an official International Ski Federation (FIS) competition course that hosts many events every year, including All Japan Ski Association and international competitions. The Kandahar course is open to the public when competitions are not being held.
Both the east and west slopes of Kandahar are advanced courses with a length of about 1km and a maximum slope of 28 °C. Both courses have multiple gradient changes, so please control your speed and ski safely.

  • Please note that the opening dates and times are subject to change depending on weather and postponement, preparation, etc. of ski competitions.
  • Skiing and snowboarding are possible on general open days.

Kandahar course profile

  Course DATA  
  Giant slalom Slalom
Men Women Men Women
Start Elevation 989.5m 989.5m 885.0m 851.9m
Finish Elevation 684.9m 684.9m 684.9m 684.9m
Vertical Drop 304.6m 304.6m 200.1m 167.0m
Total Length 915.5m 988.6m 583.3m 476.2m
Maximum Grade 53.0% 53.9% 53.0% 51.7%
Minimum Grade 10.1% 11.1% 27.6% 19.0%
Average Grade 33.3% 30.8% 34.3% 35.1%

Slalom course training

We can set up Slalom courses to assist in effective race training. You can have poles set in specific areas or formations.
Please feel free to submit a training course application.

For enquiries, please call the following for Nagasaka Center House – Management Office
TEL: 0269-85-3166

*Training course reservations begin on November 1 st .
*Course is open to use between the middle of December to the end of March- depending on snow conditions.
*Spring ski courses are available higher on the mountain between the end of March and the end of the season.

Pole rental is 3 000 ¥ for 10 poles per day. Drill rental is 1 000 ¥ per day. Use of the training area is free.

※ If you plan on transporting poles via the Hikage Gondola Lift, you will need to purchase a “Bagage Ticket” at the sales window before hand : 600 ¥ per pole.

※ For Kandaha course use, a course fee of 1 000 ¥ per person and per day is required

Nozawa Onsen ‘Schanze’ : Medium Hill Jump Training Center

Opening period varies depending on event schedules

Operating HoursReception : from 8:30 AM to 9:30 AM
Business Hour : from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM
Reception DeskJump House Management Office (Jump House)
Usage fee600 yen per person (including insurance)
※During use of the Hill Jump, you must be accompanied by a coach or person in charge.
* The facility has a user accident insurance, but please bring your own health insurance card in case of emergency. Also, please ensure you have a personal accident insurance.
* Depending on the weather and other conditions on the day, we may ask you to maintain the jumping platform during use.
* In the event of heavy snowfall/ inclement weather it may not be possible to hold a scheduled event.
For inquiries, please contact Nozawa Onsen Ski School at 0269-85-2623

Nozawa Onsen Medium Hill

Cross Country Training Center : “ Minamihara Cross Country Course”

The Nagano Winter Olympics Biathlon competition was held on this course. Both the 5 Km & 7.5 Km cross-country courses are official courses of the Ski Association of Japan.
Furthermore, the start and finish points are 80m x 120m flatground, making it an ideal training area for beginners.

Opening periodLate December-Late March
* The training area is closed during competitions
Reception hoursReception hours : from 8:30 AM
Usage hours : between 9:00 AM till noon & 1:30 PM till 4:30PM
Reception deskMinamihara Cross Country Course Administration Building
Course management fee600 yen per person per day
RemarksAs soon as the course becomes unusable due to snow conditions, the Uenotaira Cross Country Course will be opened
☆Professional cross country lessons are also available ! !

For more information, please contact the Nozawa Onsen Ski School at 0269-85-2623 or at

Cross Country Training Center : Uenotaira Cross Country Course

Located at 1,300m of altitude, the Uenotaira Cross Country Course offers training on the snow for about 5 months per year (from early December to early May) thanks to Nambara and Uenotaira courses combined.

Opening periodFrom early December to early January (until Nanbara course opening)
From April : Saturdays and Sundays as weel as Golden Week
Cross-country lessons held by professional staff on request
Reception8:30 AM till 1:30 PM
Reception deskUenotaira Cross Country Course Administration Building
Course management
and usage fee
600 yen per person per day
Cross country Pack
※Available until Friday May 5th
Ticket A includes :
Gondola ride + Uenotaira Four Lift 2 times ticket + lunch ticket + course fee
⇒ Adult 3,000 ¥
⇒ Child 2,500 ¥

Ticket B includes :
Gondola ride + Uenotaira Four Lift 1 time ticket + course fee
⇒ Adult 2,400 ¥
⇒ Child 1,900 ¥

※ The lunch ticket has a value of 1 000 ¥ & can be used at Yamabiko House restaurant or Uenotaira Lodge
※Please note that refund after purchase is not available (either in full or partially)
※Please note that in the event that Uenotaira Four Lift is not operating, there will be no refund or package content changes.
Remarks– Please be aware that the opening period and reception desk may change depending on the snow conditions
– Cross-country packs are sold only to customers using cross-country skis
– Please note that the ticket is valid only on the day of purchase
– Cross-country packs are sold only during when the Uenotaira Cross-Country Course is open