About Nozawa Onsen

A greeting from the ski resort

A greeting from the ski resort

A Welcome message from the Nozawa Onsen skiresort president.

Thank you for your support of the Nozawa Onsen skiresort.
Nozawa Onsen is a well-loved part of the history of skiing in Japan and we continue to grow and change with the ski industry.
We have been a leading influence in developing skiing in japan and helping to bring theof fun of skiing to all. This ski resort was born with this culture and history and we continue to build and improve this special ski resort bit by bit.

Covid-19 has affected us greatly since last season and our lifestyles have had to change to live with Corona. We are now faced with the challenge of getting our lives back to normal considering we cannot yet see an end to the virus.
Even with these concerns, from a “Covid-safe” point of view, skiing and boarding is one of the safer activities, as you can enjoy snow sports in the great outdoors, and in the open air. We have been actively promoting safe distancing between guests and abide by all rules set by the government and our local community.

We ask for your cooperation to help contain the potential spread of the virus in this ski resort grown, by helping us conform to these rules.
The new Nagasaka Gondola station will be launched this season and you will experience a new
comfortable high-speed gondola ride to the Yamabiko area. We finally also decided to add snowmaking machines this season.
Due to global warming, we have seen a definite change in the snow conditions and the snow
machines will help guarantee the early start of the season as well as great spring skiing conditions.
I am sure you will be satisfied with the upgrades we have made. We are looking forward to this new season.
This new technology will be united with our culture and the history of Nozawa Onsen, helping to ensure a relaxed and enjoyable stay for guests.

You will find something new every time you visit this historical village and we are very much looking forward to welcoming you to the Nozawa Onsen ski resort.

President and CEO of Nozawa Onsen Co., Ltd.
Mikio Katagiri