Uenotaira hiking trails

Uenotaira hiking trails

The Uenotaira highlands hiking trails.

On the plateau of the Uenotaira highlands is a vast and beautiful beech forest, with a series and interesting and relatively easy walking trails. The scenery changes greatly with the seasons: In spring while the buds are still forming on the beech trees, there are open glades with very little undergrowth and clear vision through the forest. In summer, the foliage and undergrowth is much denser and the area is a great hiding place from the summer heat.
Come Autumn time the leaves turn a variety of golds and oranges that are contrasted against the deep green of the evergreen cedars.

Course details

Course nameLength Altitude changeEstimated time
A : Flower field course1.7km70mAbout 30 min
B : Kougen course2.5km120mAbout 40 min
C : Sutaka lake course3.8km130mAbout 80 min
D : Mt. Kenashi summit course3.2Km250mAbout 90 min
E : Shirakaba course2.4Km80mAbout 40 min
F : Kokenashi view point course0.6Km50mAbout 15 min

Walking course map, and gradient guides

Kokenashi observatory at the summit of  Mt. Kokenashi

Located to the right of the Yambiko station of the Nagasaka gondola, the Kokenashi Observatory sits at the top of Mt. Kokenashi at 1450m.  The distance from Yamabiko Station is about 450m, and it is about a 15-minute walk.

From the observatory tower, you have a great view of Nozawa Onsen district and the Chikuma River below. When the weather is clear, you can see “Hokushin Gogaku” – The 5 peaks of the Hokushin area and the Northern Alps beyond.

Nordic walking

Nordic walking- trail walking with the assistance of walking poles- is a physical activity anyone can be involved in, regardless of fitness level. It improves endurance, strengthens various muscles in the upper and lower body, promotes weight management, and improves neck and shoulder movement and blood circulation.

Nordic walking pole rental

Nordic walking pole rental receptionLake Sutaka, Campground Administration Building.
Nordic walking pole rental fee300 yen / day