Nagasaka Center House

Nagasaka Center House

Recently renovated and reopened in 2021,
the 『Nagasaka Center House』has become the ski resort’s base

The Nagasaka slope, often considered the gateway to Nozawa Onsen Ski Resort, underwent a renewal in 2021, transforming the former gondola station into a new multi task information facilicity !
It offers a range of services essential for the slope life, such as an information desk, a baggage storage, a changing room, lockers, rentals, shops ….etc
It serves as a convenient hub for enjoying skiing and snowboarding comfortably.

Floor Map

The 1st Floor Services

Baggage Claim Counter

You can now receive and send your gears directly from the resort !

※Shipping is only available with cash on delivery while, acceptance of luggage is prepaid only.
※We do not sell dedicated gears covers. Without a cover the shipping fee will increase by 150%.
※We only accept ski/snowboard gears including wears and accessories. Other types of luggage or package will be refused. We thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Patrol Headquarter Center

If you happend to get injured or if you witness an accident or discover an injured person within the ski resort, please contact the ski patrol immediately at 0269-85-3456

Address for the Baggage claim counter :

Japanese Version

〒389-2502 長野県下高井郡野沢温泉村豊郷7653

English Version

Postal Code : 389-2502
Nagano, Shimotakai Gun, Nozawa Onsen Mura, Toyosato 7653, Takuhai Counter
TEL : 0269-85-3166

※ In order to claim your baggage, please present either your Yamato Kuro Neko receipt with your shipping number and name OR a passport/driving license. Without the previous mentioned item, you will NOT be able to claim your bags.

The 2nd Floor Services

Tune Up Shop GLATT

We provide tune-up services to help our customers enjoy Nozawa Onsen Ski Resort to it’s fullest.

Locker Room & Changing Area

You can find in this area 380 boxes that goes from small to big sizes. The price goes from 200¥ for the smallest to 600¥ for the biggest. You will need 100¥ coins to use it. You can find by the entrance a machine to exchange 1 000¥ bill or 500¥ coins into small change.
There is also 2 dedicated area for ski lockers and snowboard lockers at the cost of 300¥ per set.

Lockers sizes descritipon :

Small : W34.6㎝×H37㎝×D42.2㎝
Medium : W52.6㎝×H42㎝×D56.7㎝
Big : W52.6㎝×H87.5㎝×D87.5㎝

※ Any lockers found unlock with items inside will be lock for security purposes. You will be required to pay the said locker fee at the Information Center on the 3rd in cash ONLY.

Toilet – Powder Room – Breast Feeding Room

On this floor, you will also find the toilet separated into Men – Women – Accessible.
On the ladies side, a powder room will be at your disposal with big mirrors and blow dryers to relax after a ridding day. For those who wish to have some privacy during breastfeeding time with baby, a dedicated space is also available at your disposal.

The 3rd Floor Services

Ticket Center

The three ticket centers present at Nagasaka area before are now turned into one location at the new service station ! This new configuration has reduced the waiting time as it can provides service at up to seven counters. And a lift ticket vending machine is also available !
In front of the ticket center is the Nagasaka Gondola boarding station, making it even more convenient to go hit the slopes fast☆

Nagasaka Café

The Nagasaka Café is now open on the 3rd floor !
We sell warm, freshly ground coffee and bagles or waffles that are perfect to start the day or enjoy a mellow break after a good ride !☆

Rental Shop – Salomon Station

Salomon Station has finally reopened after its renewal !
We offer a wide range of products, including expert models for powder use and racing.
We also have kids’ skis and kids’ snowboards, so it’s also recommended for your little one’s debut on snow at the resort ☆

Ishii Sports – Shop

An Ishii sports collaboration shop has now opened at Nozawa Onsen Ski Resort since 2021’s season !
We have everything from snow gear to winter items so feel free to drop by and enjoy the shop ☆

The 4th Floor Services

On this floor, you will find the Management Office of the resort.
You can contact us directly by phone at 0269-85-3166 or by email at info@nozawaski.com

※Due to setting to refuse to receive spam emails, our answer may be stuck in your junk mails.
Please check the page of your carrier, etc. in advance, and if you have set up to refuse to receive spam email, please configure your settings so that you can receive PC email from [@nozawaski.com]