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Tsukushinbo is traditional local Japanese Izakaya, located in the basement of Tokiwaya ryokan next to Oyu onsen. We serve a variety of snacks and light meals with local produce featuring heavily, including Grilled iwana (trout), Shinshu Salmon, and even a good selection of sashimi from the sea of Japan. Of course we have ice cold beer and hot sake, but be sure to try the fresh ruby-red grapefruit chu-hi, with a side serve of fried shiso and cheese spring rolls!

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Specialties Sashimi (Shinshu salmon, etc.) Grilled fish (Iwana with salt) Fried Chicken, Deep-fried cheese, Agedashi tofu, Soba, Udon
Price per person 2000~3000yen
Open 6pm-11pm
Close Irregularly
Capacity 50
Tel 0269-85-3565
Payment Method Cash, VISA, Mastercard,