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Food MAP: D-3

Jisaku is a small Izakaya style Japanese restaurant located opposite Craft shop Sankyu. We serve a great variety of Japanese bar snacks and light meals including some very good vegetarian options. There is a mix of western and Japanese tatami seating. Jisaku is a great place to have a slow dinner where you relax and share everything on the menu with friends. A must try is the Nagaimo steak- large Japanese style rosti/ hashbrown made with the sticky Nagaimo potato. It goes perfectly with a side of stir- fried Shimeji mushrooms.

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Specialties Horse sashimi, Nagaimo rosti, Butter mushrooms
Price per person ~1,500yen
Open 5:30pm-9:30pm
Close Irregularly
Capacity 28
Tel 0269-85-3410
Payment Method Cash only,